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Rank-2 Intersection and Polymorphic Recursion for (a subset of) Caml

This page demonstrates a prototype implementation of a rank-2 intersection type system for higher order functional languages. The current version of the prototype (1.0), released (as Unlicensed Free Software -- http://unlicense.org/) in December 2010:
  • Implements the type systems |-0k, |-0k,ML, |-2k, |-2k,ML, and |-2k,J described in [ Damiani, 2007] (revised and extended version of [ Damiani, 2005 ), which proposes new rules for typing recursive definitions.

    Let |- be an intersection type system. We say that a term is |-simple (or just simple when the systen |- is clear from the context) if system |- can prove that it has a simple type.

    At the best of our knowledge, previous proposals for typing recursive definitions in presence of intersection types [Jim, 1995; Jim, 1996; van Bakel, 2003 ; Damiani, 2003 ] allow only simple recursive definitions to be typed.

    The proposed rules are also able to type interesting examples of polymorphic recursion (i.e., recursive definitions rec{x=e} where different occurrences of x in e are used with different types) [Meertens, 1983; Mycroft, 1984; Henglein, 1993 ; Kfoury, Tiuryn, Urzyczyn, 1993 ].


    • the type systems considered by the implementation are an extension of the type systems |-0k, |-0k,ML, |-2k, |-2k,ML, and |-2k,J with the rules for typing non-simple local definitions and conditional expressions described in [ Damiani, 2003 ], and
    • the programming language considered by the implementation is richer than the one considered in the report (in particular it includes top-level definitions and datatype declarations).
  • Is written in OCaml .
  • Accepts as input a subset of (O')Caml itself.

Type a program in the form below, select the type system to be used, and press the button.

  • Parsing is not particularly smart (for instance, all the infix operators have the same precedence - to avoid problems, it is better to use a lot of parentheses) and the error messages are quite poor.

Here you can find a description of the accepted SYNTAX and some EXAMPLES that you can copy and paste.

Use system |-0k with k =


Souce files are available: files.zip

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