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Useless-Code Elimination for (a small subset of) Caml

This page demonstrates a prototype implementation of a Useless-Code Elimination (UCE) for higher-order typed functional programs. The UCE implemented by this prototype is an extension to let-polymorphically typed terms of the UCE for simply typed terms presented in [ Damiani and Giannini, 2000 ].

The current version of the prototype (1.0), released (as Unlicensed Free Software -- http://unlicense.org/) in December, 2010:

  • Is based on an earlier prototype developed as part of the Master Thesis of Roberto Esposito [ Esposito, 1999 ].
  • Is written in O'Caml . The language processed is a small subset of (O')Caml itself.

Type a program in the form below and press the button.
[Parsing and type-error-report are not particularly smart. To avoid problems it is better to use a lot of parentheses.]

Here you can find a description of the accepted SYNTAX and some EXAMPLES that you can copy and paste.

Souce files are available: files.zip

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